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for inquiries, readings, invitations to facilitate workshops, and all other manner of correspondence, please email

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recent publications:

book launch events:

  • virtual book launch on zoom: april 20th 5-7p MT (7-9 ET, 6-8p CT, 4-6 PT): register here

  • boulder book launch with hillary leftwich, ashley bunn and violet mitchell: may 17th from 7-9pm at east window.

    • masks required (and provided). east window is a wheelchair accessible space with no stairs (ground floor) and a wheelchair accessible bathroom.

  • denver book launch with lily duffy, meca'ayo cole and jodie kirschner: may 31st at 7p at the tejon collective.

    • masks required (and provided). the tejon collective is a wheelchair accessible space, including the bathroom. they have a wheelchair ramp at the entrance.​


upcoming events and publications:

upcoming workshops/teaching events:​​

​​past readings:


  • tannery bay book launch | with steven dunn, katie jean shinkle and paula rose | boulder, co | march 9, 2024

  • at the inkwell denver | with ashley howell bunn, jason masino and leonora simonovis | denver, co | november 5, 2022

  • anthology poetry collective virtual reading | november 14, 2021

  • bedfellows Magazine Presents: The Little Black Book! at the virtual 215 festival | may 12, 2021

  • art of storytelling | with yvette torres and hillary leftwich​ | denver, co | october 2019

  • pro fana 4: pop up popsicle party for cool community | with steven dunn and levi bentley​ | denver, co | august 2019

  • bedfellows launch party | philadelphia, pa | october 2018

  • secret arts society reading | longmont, co | march 2018

  • random name poetry series |  with alexa smith and chris gullo| philadelphia, pa | may 2017

  • barn swallow poetry bbq | with zack arrington | ardmore, pa | may 2017​

  • mla offsite reading at the rotunda | philadelphia, pa | january 2017

  • jubilant thicket reading series | with lauren yates and sonia as ryan | philadelphia, pa | august 2016

  • charmed instruments reading series | with ryan eckes  | philadelphia, pa | june 2016   

  • vassar review release party | poughkeepsie, ny | may 2016

  • “poetry in collaboration” panel at CU Literary Buffs Conference | boulder, co | february 2014

  • cu undergraduate reading | boulder, co | may 2013

  • bouldering poets reading series | boulder, co | august 2012


past performances:


  • body presses: a collaboration with skye hughes | black box theater, boulder, co | december 2013

past workshops/teaching events:


art shows:


  • the spot’s annual art show | boulder, co | january 2013

  • r.a.w. artists | boulder, co | july 201

lauren, a white femme, stands at a podium reading poems. she's wearing gold and white sandals, black tights, a black dress with red roses and a light blue jean jacket. she is in a barn and a person is standing to her side watching her.
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