in winter of 2019, i began a snail mail letter and art project. this project is sent roughly 4 times per year and includes a letter, visual art and often other small treasures such as pressed flower petals.


in the age of technology and the time of screens, i believe it is important as ever to share handmade art, to feel the texture of a page or an object in our hands and to know that page or object was held in the hands of someone else. 

the letters included could be defined as a sort of newsletter or better said, an interior. an offering of what has been on my mind and heart as a maker and a human. an offering of the writers, filmmakers, musicians and artists who have been informing me and my practice. 

each time the visual art element is unique from the last. sometimes a painting that is cut into smaller pieces to share with each person on my mailing list. sometimes a grief object in the form of poem cards. sometimes photographs covered in paint which can be scratched off to reveal the image.

at present, there are over 50 people from 14 states and 2 countries who receive this project.

would you like to receive these offerings in your snail mail? you can receive these mail offerings by signing up here.


nearly 50 envelopes, ready to be sent


polaroids with text about light written beneath the image


small, handmade grief objects; visual art cards with text about grief written on them


painting/collage with polar bear and text. part of a larger collage that was divided among recipients of the project


polaroids that have been painted over with scratch-off paint


grief objects; small handmade cards - a set of each was created for each recipient of the project