my coaching offering is designed to support creators with editing, creative blocks, collaborative process, and practicing presence and pleasure in creative process.


  • finding and holding onto the heartbeat of your creative work

  • discerning which editing impulses are in service in the work and which are leading you away from the heartbeat of the work

  • trusting your gut while editing

creative blocks:

  • discovering the emotional and somatic roots of a creative block

  • understanding what we need to continue working on a project & finding patience in the process

  • re-connecting with playfulness/pleasure in process as a way to move through a block

collaborative process:

  • deepening trust between collaborators

  • holding each other’s ideas with care

  • building playful, generative practices that expand collaborations

practicing presence & pleasure:

  • creating mindfulness practices that help you to be present while creating

  • slowing down and savoring pleasure in your creative process

  • learning to listen to our yes, no and maybe while creating

in order to more intimately understand your creative process and so i can work with you to create personalized process recommendations, we’ll start with 3, one-hour sessions together. you’ll have the option to add additional sessions as we work together. the cost for the first three sessions is offered on a sliding scale of $125-275. each additional session will be offered at a sliding scale of $50-100. if the cost is prohibitive, just reach out - prices can be reduced as needed and i'm also open to trades.

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